Camping / Doofing Checklist

Always forgetting what to pack when going away camping or to a doof ?

Here’s a handy A4 sized checklist to help you plan your next weekend adventure. There’s over 60 items which should cover most things you’ll want or need, depending on how you like to pack!

It also has plenty of room for handwritten notes. I’ve included the source documents for you to edit, should you wish to customise it.

Remember the golden rule when residing in the wilderness with Mother Nature, “Respect the Space, Leave No Trace!”

Happy Doofing / Camping!

Download Camping / Doofing Checklist (PDF / Adobe Reader)
Download Camping / Doofing Checklist (ODT / OpenOffice)
Download Camping / Doofing Checklist (DOCX / MS Word)

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