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Natural ways to reduce anxiety

I’m always interested in finding natural remedies to life’s challenges. Here’s some ideas for managing anxiety. Here are a 2 books I’m reading that offer neuroscience backed strategies for understanding what triggers anxiety, where it occurs in the brain, and how to minimise it’s affects. Rewire Your Anxious Brain explains that there are two main areas in the brain that create anxiety, and offers ways to deal with both types.

Conscious Water - 46 Divine Blessings and Ideal Qualities

I created this image after pondering about the fascinating research performed by Dr Masaru Emoto, with regards to how water molecules respond to words, thoughts and pictures. I thought it would be interesting to combine it with positive affirmations, and apply it to personal development. Since we are roughly 70% water as humans, I figure that we would also respond to the same messages. So I went and thought of