1. Bruce lee, that was foolish because in your words you didn’t realize that all people desire peace, but only ones at war will actually do. As for others, they’ll be like you, meditating and selfishly trying to find their inner peace while leaving the world at war. Thusly, you didn’t know that ones at war won’t be able to hear your words all the way from China, willing is not enough, people only will for their own happiness, thusly they must never be encouraged to complete living in this way as you are doing. The Prophet Mouhamed said that all actions are considered by God according to the will of the person. One last thing, read this carefully, to will is to be follow by actions, this is what you said, but I say that if you don’t act, that means you don’t will. Thusly the ones you are advising don’t exist because those who will eventually do, and those who don’t are not actually willing, they just cowardly dream.

  2. The first part of the quote refers to applying knowledge or wisdom, rather than simply learning it without action.

    Those that believe war brings peace obviously have not acquired nor applied the knowledge of peace. You cannot extinguish a fire with more fire, therefore war will never bring peace, it is an instrument that serves to cause fear in those that oppose the ones in power, and as a way to control the opposing nation by forcing them into debt by financing their reconstruction in the aftermath.

    There is nothing selfish about seeking inner peace, if everybody became responsible for their own thoughts and actions and inner peace, then there would be no war. Most that seek inner peace also seek peace for their fellow man and woman. People also pray for the happiness of others, not everyone wills or prays for themselves alone.

    The aspect of willing that I believe Bruce was referring to was “intention”. Someone can be willing for a change, meaning they have the intention, but not all people follow through on their intentions with action. A person could also be willing to go to peace, but place conditions upon it, rather than simply “being at peace” by acting peacefully. Most nations in a conflict will for peace, but place conditions upon it, and they retalliate when the other attacks, rather than remain in peace.

    People should be free to dream without being labelled cowardly. If everyone dreamt the same dream then eventually that dream would become reality when the collective thoughts of the people with that dream gain enough mass to manifest into action. Dreams give people hope, and hope should not be belittled.

    If you can provide a more articulate quote, then I would be glad to consider it.

  3. That’s actually Goethe, not bruce Lee

  4. Coldwater, Bruce Lee cannot read your pedantic response to his statement from the grave. Besides, he was quoting Goethe so why don’t you tell him insead, although again, he won’t be reading this.

  5. Bruce Lee actually quoted a lot of the many philosophers he read and some of those quotes have been incorrectly attributed to him by writers who did not bother to research further. Not that this makes the statements any less important.

  6. I was aware that Goethe was quoted as the author. Though I first came across this quote from seeing a poster with Bruce Lee on it, and that is what made it more inspiring for me, given Bruce’s accomplishments, and the fact that I hadn’t followed Goeth’s work. Goethe does deserve the credit for the actual quote though.

  7. Not by bruce lee ,its by johnn wolfgang von

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