Conscious Water – 46 Divine Blessings and Ideal Qualities

I created this image after pondering about the fascinating research performed by Dr Masaru Emoto, with regards to how water molecules respond to words, thoughts and pictures. I thought it would be interesting to combine it with positive affirmations, and apply it to personal development. Since we are roughly 70% water as humans, I figure that we would also respond to the same messages.

So I went and thought of a number of ideal attributes and qualities that I think would great to acquire, and created this image.

I hope you find it inspiring, and would love to hear your comments. If you like it, feel free to use the large image as your desktop background, or print it out on photo paper and put it on display.

Conscious Water Blessings and Ideal Qualities
Conscious Water Blessings and Ideal Qualities

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My List of 46 Desired Blessings and Ideal Qualities

The list below is my attempt to define the ideal attributes and qualities that I believe humanity should strive for.  I have tried to simplify the phrases into 2 words and use the same starting letters where possible. This list is a work in progress, and as such I’ll refine it as I find more appropriate adjectives and admirable attributes.

Abundant Joy
Applied Knowledge
Balanced Life
Balanced Nutrition
Beneficial Beliefs
Benevolent Generosity
Clear Thinking
Colossal Courage
Complete Commitment
Complete Concentration
Consistent Action
Cool Confidence
Diligent Decisions
Divine Direction
Divine Discipline
Divine Intuition
Divine Knowledge
Divine Wisdom
Eternal Healing
Fast Forgiveness
Free Expression
Growing Gratitude
Holistic Wealth
Immutable Will
Infallible Integrity
Innate Drive
Just Intentions
Limitless Love
Open Communication
Optimistic Outlook
Passionate Purpose
Peak Productivity
Perfect Planning
Precise Focus
Prime Performance
Prudent Patience
Rapid Learning
Righteous Mind
Serene Soul
Sound Priorities
Supreme Strategy
Total Truth
Understanding Heart
Unwaivering Faith
Vibrant Vitality
Vivid Vision


  1. hlloe joe ,this is words that are rarely spoken of in english however maybe to the un trained ear these words are sometime hard to describe double however i feel you are doing great to voice these words,may i add one which to me is the most important of them all,and it goes something like this ,feduche i think for italian but translated into englishu is faith for example he who has feduche like a nottsuloo di mustardo. so this is the word to add ( feduchious faith)…….love you bro Glo…….

  2. Absolutely love it – thank you! Namaste.

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