What are you thinking ?

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” – Albert Einstein.

The purpose of this site is simple, to publish my selection of wise and inspirational quotes, images, sounds and videos. I hope you find something that you like, if not send me a message and I’ll try to put a quote and image together for you.

As Albert Einstein and many others have stated, we are a product of our thoughts. Therefore by controlling and directing your thoughts, you can create the outcome you desire. Everything we perceive or believe is directly related to the way we think about every experience we encounter. I see many people that choose to become frustrated, angry or annoyed at the most trivial of things, yet in their mind they feel like they have no choice but to feel or react that way. It’s a shame that so many people that don’t ever think of changing their thinking, to change their outcome.

There are many famous quotes floating around, in little booklets and on websites. Words on paper can be powerful, though on their own they don’t stand out and grab your attention, and they are easily forgotten if you just read them from a site or book.

I feel it’s more effective to choose the quotes that really inspire you and print them out on 6×4″ photo cards (A4, A3 would be great). I put them around the house, or use them as my PC screensaver etc.

Feel free to download the images here and print them out for your own personal use, I hope they help inspire you to focus your thinking in the manner that you desire.


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